Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retractable screen?

Described simply, as the name implies, they retract. Best Fly Screens mesh concertinas into protective housing.

Best Fly Screens are mainly retrofitted and almost seamlessly blend into your door frame, making them hardly noticeable.

When opening, the mesh screen simply glides along in its rail unfolding from the concertina closed position, allowing the fresh air in. allows you to view the outside but protects you against flying insects or bugs entering your home.

As the screen retracts when not in use, the fabric is protected from harmful UV rays, dirt and weather. As a result, Best Retractable Fly Screens outlast traditional flat screens.

What colour/material type is the Best Fly Screen mesh?
Black PET401 polyester
What size are the holes in the Best Fly Screen mesh?

Square holes: 20 x vertical holes & 20 x horizontal holes (per inch).

What insect types does the Best Fly Screen mesh keep outside?

Bees, Flies, Hornets, Horseflys, Mosquitos, Wasps and larger flying insects.

What colour is the Best Fly Screen aluminium frame available?

WHITE – RAL 9003. (image swatch to be added)

BLACK – RAL 9005. (image swatch to be added)

ANTHRACITE GREY – RAL 7016 (image swatch to be added)

How wide can the Best Fly Screen be?

Up to 4m (13.12 ft) for a single screen and up to 8m (26.24 ft) for a double screen.

Will you provide me with detailed installation / fitting instructions?

Yes, we provide a PDF with detailed instructions, also, a video showing how to install it.

What is the delivery time on a Best Fly Screen?

Please allow 2 to 3 working weeks from the order date. 

We will confirm the delivery lead time once your order is placed.

Can I install myself?

Yes - For customers who enjoy DIY projects and want to save on installation costs, we provide detailed How-To-Measure and How-To-Install instruction manuals and videos that guide you through the easy process step-by-step.

Do you offer a home measure and home install service?

Yes - We offer a Home Measure Survey and FULL Installation Service for a more hands-off approach. Our team of expert installers will ensure that your screens are installed correctly and to the highest standards.

What colour/material type is the Best Fly Screen mesh?

It is a very stylish mid-grey to compliment most home interiors